Mindfulness is Your Superpower
Theresa Polley
November 22, 2019
February 2, 2022
Self Care

Do you ever find yourself driving with no recollection of how you arrived at your destination? Or going through the motions of listening – while not paying attention at all? Or watching TV, while checking Facebook on your phone? I’m definitely guilty.

Over the last few years, our Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats have surged in popularity. I wonder if because our pace of life is so hectic and frantic, we are all looking for a way to take back control of our lives.

I admit, I have struggled with being mindful. I keep thinking to myself (instead of being mindful) “I’m too busy! I don’t have time to be mindful.”

I must be mindful. I don’t want to miss a single thing – a beautiful sunset; the joy of moving my body in yoga; savoring my first cup of coffee, conversations, laughter, tears and hugs with friends and family.

Mindfulness, like yoga and meditation, is a practice. Living mindfully in the present, without longing for the past or worrying about the future, allows us to find peace. Mindfulness really is the key to contentment.

I had a mindfulness lesson a couple of years ago. I lost my phone while on a group bike ride. Unfortunately, it took me 13 miles to realize my phone was gone. I had “un-mindfully” not closed my bike bag.

Google pinpointed my phone near a private road east of Farmersville.  The next day my son and I went to find it. We were driving down roads that looked less and less like roads. The final turn was onto a road with a huge mud pit in the middle. Having ridden my bike around mud pits the day before, I believed I could certainly DRIVE without incident.

Except I did have a little hint of intuition that said “Wait.” I ignored it and powered through, not realizing that navigating a two ton car was more challenging than my bike. The right side of my car slid in and wouldn’t slide back out of a giant chasm of mud. My son opened his door to mud. I immediately begin to panic. My son was the voice of reason, “Don’t freak out mom.” Who doesn't love to hear those words of wisdom from their offspring. We called the local tow company who promised us the bill would be $325 but they couldn’t promise that they could actually get us out. Then I really panicked. Next we called AAA. Finding our exact location was a ten minute conversation with the dispatcher. That’s when you know you’ve gone rogue.

As my son walked in one direction and I in another, I tried to figure out what exactly the situation was trying to teach me. I love this quote by Pema Chodron, "You are the sky. Everything else is the weather." And that’s when the realization hit. I was the sky. The mud, the lost phone, the car in the mud, so much of life was simply the weather. And this too shall pass.

While I didn’t recover my phone, the friendly tow truck driver did pull my car out. And as my son pointed out as we drove way in the very muddy car, we met a kind stranger and a couple of sweet dogs. Even better, we enjoyed our time and laughed together.

With the holidays approaching, this is my plan to be more mindful and less mindless.
  • Fully taste every bite of deliciousness as I give thanks for my blessings.
  • Laugh more and judge less when spending time with family,
  • Enjoy days away from work (and avoid the temptation to do any shopping - even online).
  • Cherish moments of peace, quiet and time nurturing my soul.

And remember, this moment, right now, is the only one we can be completely sure of. Live in it and you'll be sure to find joy.

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