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Theresa Polley

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Since starting Retreat in the Pines in 2004, I’ve found joy in doing what I love. Yes there have been challenging years along the way, but the connection with and gratitude from women who visit keep me going. I’ve heard, “Thank you for creating this place–I needed this” countless times over the years. While I had no idea the path I was setting out on was to help women find and connect with themselves and others, it is what continues to  inspire me to this day. is passionate about giving women a safe space to share their stories and connect with each other. A pink slip from a job I loved was the catalyst that led to my journey of entrepreneurship.

When I started the journey of Retreat in the Pines, I was focused on the healing power of yoga. While I still believe yoga is a powerful practice of transformation, I believe the true healing happens when women who have never met before sit next to each other and discover they are not alone in their struggles. We come from different backgrounds and places, and seemingly have nothing in common - yet we have everything in common - we are navigating this world as women. 

Every time I host a retreat, I’m reminded how crucial it is to have a safe space dedicated to women. Experiencing the community and connection that each retreat offers,I go home feeling lifted up and inspired. As an introvert who is usually depleted and exhausted by groups of people I don’t know, I say with confidence that community and connection are what makes our retreats a truly magical experience.

I’m so excited to have my daughter, Nina, working by my side again! 2022 has been a kick in the pants so far and I wouldn’t have made it through without her help and especially her love and support. As Nina transitions into more of a leadership role, I plan to take on additional projects I’ve been dreaming about for years. First, I’d like to write a book to share my story and  the stories from the amazing women I’ve met over the years. And second, I want to grow Retreat in the Pines to other states besides Texas. More to come on both, stay tuned!.

I realize life is too short to not be fully present in every moment.I don’t do as much yoga as I used to, but I find my mental health break on my Peloton bike – I laugh and cry on the bike, and when my ride is over I feel ready to take on the world. For the sake of my sanity and my health, I make it a priority to ride and do strength training five days a week. I've also joined a local YMCA which has always felt like my home away from home. I'd been a member of the Coppell YMCA for 27 years until the pandemic.

Nina and I love spending time together away from work, but it's so fun to mix the both. One of our favorite activities is hiking followed by a delicious meal - preferably something breakfast related. We love to travel and are looking forward to a birthday trip in 2023.

I’m grateful to have my daughter Eden back in my life after she spent years facing struggles of her own. I’m so excited to have a brand new granddaughter, Rylee born the end of June.

My son Landry is still in Colorado and I visit him as often as I can. We love to talk about movies and TV shows that we’re watching. Sometimes we even watch them while on the phone together!

Family is the most important to me, but I (finally!) realize the importance of downtime and self care. As often as I can, I start my day with coffee, a guided meditation and journaling. This simple act allows me to gain perspective and be intentional about my day. If the weather is nice, I’m on my front porch. In addition to staying active, time in nature, reading and streaming “comfort” shows gives me the reset I need to keep moving forward. 

To read my story of creating and growing Retreat in the Pines, read My Journey.

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Theresa Polley

Retreat with 

Theresa Polley

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