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Teaching since 2003 and leading retreats since 2004, I've discovered Yoga is a path of healing. Not only for myself, but for the women I've been fortunate to meet over the years at Retreat in the Pines. It took a series of traumatic events in my life for me to wake up to the incredible power of Yoga as a tool for healing, self-discovery and contentment. For years I avoided yoga. I was a fitness junkie. I’d observe a yoga class at the Y - and think “I could do that at home. Basically they’re laying on the floor.” Ha.

I took my first Yoga class in the spring of 2003. My mom had just died and then I was laid off from my job as Corporate Sales Director of the YMCA. At that point, all I wanted to do was lay on the floor and cry. 

I skipped over Beginner Yoga and went directly to Power Yoga. I found peace. And got my butt kicked! That was the beginning of a (huge) shift and an eventual life change. Not only did I find myself on my Yoga mat, I embraced myself for being exactly who I was - not an easy task.

In 2004, after teaching at a fitness retreat, I had an idea for a Yoga Retreat. My idea was exactly the opposite of what I'd experienced. The fitness retreat guaranteed no dairy, caffeine, carbs or fun. No thank you.

Wine and coffee (with cream!) and healthy yet delicious meals? Yes please. Dark chocolate and birthday treats? Of course! Retreat in the Pines was born.

Based on my yoga teaching, personal practice and teacher training, I have designed a series of courses designed specifically for women to use the healing power of yoga to create a mental, physical and emotional shift. I offer these courses at retreats or for a more in-depth experience, virtually.

Over the years of leading retreats, I've met so many amazing women and learned so much. Our retreats have evolved. Community and connection are arguably the most rewarding part of the retreats. When women sit at our community dining table, not only do they laugh together, they have the realization that they are not alone in what they are going through. Powerful.

I believe ALL women should be able to live life on their own terms. I struggled for years as a single mom, working several jobs to keep Retreat in the Pines open, for that very reason. I am passionate about women supporting women, we deserve love and respect not only from the world at large, but more importantly, from each other.

I am so over the back stabbing I endured from other women in corporate America, the PTO at my children's school and with so-called friends. It's 2020 and it's time to erase that from our culture. I believe we need to set the example and live our lives the way we deserved to be treated. My blog, Celebrating Women: Claiming Our Power, is one of my favorites.

I believe all women should have the opportunity to experience the life changing power of a retreat. That is why I offer our Retreat Assistance Program and keep our prices intentionally affordable. Retreats should NOT be an elitist thing.

If you think having young children is hard, wait until they grow up! In spite of the challenges my three adult children have given me over the years, I'm not giving up yet! I'm now raising Mason, he's three and brings me more joy than I thought possible. I couldn't do any of it without self care as a priority and without my tribe having my back.

I'm writing my story and interviewing retreat guests to showcase the stories of hope, courage and perseverance from the pines. I'd love to hear your story.

To read more about my story of creating and growing Retreat in the Pines, read My Journey.

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