Nina Herndon

Nina Herndon

Managing Director


Nina, Theresa’s oldest daughter, has witnessed her mom build Retreat in the Pines from the ground up and as a result, was inspired to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurship. Nina, like Theresa, has over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, a proven track record in management and communications, and a passion for helping women. 

After years of being reluctant to try yoga because she “couldn’t touch her toes,” Nina found herself slipping into the back row of classes to give it a try. Attempting everything from heated power yoga to restorative yin – including an unforgettable Kundalini class – she fell in love with a slower moving practice and the connection between mind, body, and breath. Since then, she and her mom have traveled together to Estes Park, Sedona and around the DFW area for yoga events and classes.

While she didn’t know it at the time, Nina’s yoga practice would become the foundation she needed to endure some of life’s storms ahead. After the sudden and unexpected loss of her Gram a year later, her addiction and alcoholism began to spiral beneath the surface. Always a perfectionist, Nina struggled quietly, telling herself that there couldn’t be a problem if everything looked okay on the outside.  

During this time, one of Nina’s jobs was working part time at Retreat in the Pines, both cooking for guests at retreats and helping to run the business side of things. Every Wednesday, Nina would go to her mom’s apartment to try out new recipes – cooking breakfast and lunch for each other – and brainstorm business ideas over long walks through the Nature Preserve with their dogs. It was one of these workdays where her mom asked her a simple, yet life-changing question that would ultimately lead to her recovery.

Today, Nina is our full-time Communications & Operations Director. Her goal is to ensure consistent and efficient business processes and increase brand awareness so that Retreat in the Pines may continue to hold a safe space for ALL women to be their authentic selves and find respect, encouragement and support.

Nina is married to her wife Spencer, and resides in Fort Worth with their three little dogs – Abby, Ruth, and Tanner. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, writing, reading, drawing, and binge watching whichever show she’s into at the moment. 

Fun Fact: Nina has been hit in the head with a concrete rock (at four years old) and a baseball bat (at her eighth birthday party). (Don’t worry, her head is fine.)

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