Our Story

For women by women

We are here for YOU
We provide a space of rest and refuge for ALL women.
Retreat in the Pines was intentionally created as a safe space for women to renew and heal. We deliberately host "women only" retreats and keep our retreat size small, so YOU can find exactly what you need; whether it's connection, inspiration or self-discovery.

Our community is made up of guests who retreat with us, as well as those who are passionate about our mission. We invite you to view our exclusive opportunities: apply for retreat assistance, donate to our scholarship fund, arrange for a one-on-one consultation and more. We are women supporting women - please join us.


Small Retreat Size

A limited number of guests at each retreat to create safety and intimacy.


Retreat Leaders

Hand picked for their dedication to our values and our mission.



Comfortable accommodations for the ultimate in rest and relaxation.


Home Cooked Meals

Prepared with love for nourishment of the body, mind and spirit.


Yoga & Meditation

Practices for calming the mind and restoring the body.


Time in Nature

30 acres of trees to allow guests to experience the healing power of nature.

"Our Mission is to provide the opportunity for ALL Women to find healing in our sacred space of friendship, respect and love. I'd be honored to support you on your journey."

Theresa Polley
Founder, Retreat in the Pines

What we believe in


We have created an extended community of inspiring women who support and encourage each other. We simply provide a safe and sacred space for conversations and laughter. The healing comes in those moments of connection as guests gather around our community dining table. Guests stay connected over social media, lunch dates, girls nights out and in some cases, come back to a retreat together.


We believe ALL women have the right to enjoy a quality retreat experience, regardless of their background, age, ethnicity, fitness level or income. We intentionally keep our prices reasonable. Our Retreat Assistance program is for women who are facing financial challenges and need assistance paying for a retreat.


We allow our guests to be un-apologetically themselves at every step of the retreat. There's no need to wear make up. Sharing is encouraged. Tears are welcome. Each member of our team has been chosen for her empathy and compassion, as well as her willingness to show up as her authentic self.


We reduce, recycle, re-use as much as we can. Our seasonal retreat menus are created to minimize food waste. We freeze leftover veggies to make veggie broth. We freeze rice to add to soups. We compost table scraps, coffee filters, vegetable peelings and more. We shop local for produce, chickens and eggs and grow our own herbs. We believe in conserving our planet's resources - using rain barrels to water our garden and asking guests to be conscientious about their energy and water consumption. We support economic sustainability by paying all of our staff a living wage.

We Give Back

We create empowerment not only in our retreat space, but by giving to local and national non-profits that support women. By joining us for a retreat, not only are you embodying change, you are also making a difference in the lives of other women. We welcome suggestions for giving opportunities, contact us.

Meet Our Team

Phenomenal chefs prepare your meals with love.
Talented massage therapists give you the ultimate in relaxation.
Seasoned yoga and meditation instructors
guide you to a place of healing and bliss.

Get to know us
Retreat with us!
We welcome ALL women.
No judgments. No expectations.
No fancy yoga clothes or yoga experience needed.
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