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November 29, 2018
November 7, 2019
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I recently discovered the power of stillness. When I take a moment to pause, I create a shift in my perspective and everything else in my life shifts. I find my to do list is less daunting. And by stepping away from the thought “everything must get done right now,” I find peace.

If you need to pause, join us for a retreat – the physical, mental and emotional benefits of taking a time out are phenomenal.

Maybe you’re familiar with the evening routine of cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, answering emails plus a few other chores.  Then falling into bed exhausted – maybe even falling asleep while reading or watching TV. That was the OLD me. Let me introduce you to the NEW me. I pick one thing to get done – not everything. And I absolutely do not answer emails past 7 pm. With all of that extra time, I take a bath, read, listen to a podcast or watch Netflix. Freedom!

When I stopped the constant “busyness” I had subjected myself to for years, I found, not only more peace, but more energy.

By giving myself permission to pause, I stopped the cycle of depletion and never enough time or energy. I found stillness allowed me to refill my cup.

I always thought I needed to keep moving (stay busy) in order to move forward in life. Now I know just the opposite is true. Instead of speeding up, I slow down

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Find Quiet When You Pause

How to Bring Stillness Into Your Life

  • Pause – When your to do list is overwhelming and your calendar is full – instead of rushing through your life in order to accomplish more in less time, slow down. Take a moment for you. Reflect on what absolutely has to be done and do it. I promise – it’s not everything on your list. Remember doing more in less time doesn’t work.
  • Skip the Multi-Tasking – Research has shown that multi tasking not only doesn’t work, but its detrimental to our concentration and focus. By continually pulling our attention from one task to another and back again, we shorten our attention span and lose our ability to immerse ourselves in one activity until completion. Do one thing. Then move on to the next. Be good to your brain, it’s the only one you get!
  • Choose Stillness – Realize stillness is more mental and less physical. But also know that constant movement is less productive. It’s more like spinning your wheels. Allow your racing thoughts to slow down with yoga and meditation or simply be present with your surroundings, noticing the sounds, the smells and the sights around you. Being present in nature is ideal for stillness in body and mind.
  • Slow Down – Don’t end up exhausted and stressed. Realize there is no satisfaction in cramming your days full of too many projects without down time. When things get the craziest, instead of running faster and trying harder, slow down, pause, reflect.

I’ve come to the point in my life where I prefer to be under committed as opposed to over committed. I consciously choose to not fill every hour of every weekend with things to do and places to go.

I hope you’ll join me in the journey of slowing down. I’ve always loved the saying, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Enjoy every year, every day and every moment of your journey. That’s the sweet spot.

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