Celebrate Women: We are Unstoppable
Theresa Polley
March 19, 2021
September 1, 2023
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I'm grateful to the women in my life who have supported and encouraged me over the years. I'm also grateful for the lessons I've learned from women who did just the opposite - everything from backstabbing to thinly veiled put downs and all things in between. I honestly don't understand why this is a thing. But I do know, it's not about me, it's about them.

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." ~Michelle Obama

I believe you and I, along with all women everywhere deserve nothing but respect. Not just the women who look like us and think like us, but all women. Let’s lift each other up. In words and actions, in public and in private, online and in person. We must refuse to allow ourselves to be treated as anything less than the incredible and talented women that we are. I believe by elevating each other, we elevate ourselves as well.

Creating A Safe Space for Women

This is my “why” behind Retreat in the Pines – to give women a safe space while creating a community of women who respect, inspire and encourage each other. I’ve heard from guests that’s how Retreat in the Pines is different – there is none of the BS that’s so often present in real life situations; guests LOVE that aspect of our retreats. There’s no reason why we can’t bring that same dynamic into our daily lives.

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines and watch. We speak up for each other. We have each other's back. We genuinely compliment each other.

Womanhood is not a secret club. Let's stand up for each other. Not for any other reason than we are all in this together.

I do love women. I love who we are and who we have the power to be. I love how far we've come and I love the progress we're making. I refuse to be intimidated by the people (men and unbelievably, other women) who are trying to hold us down and push us back in time. When we put other women down or engage in any of the petty injustices, we are holding OURSELVES back. Really?! It's 2021, we don't have time for that.

Women Supporting Women

Let's stop the behaviors that hold women back

  • The petty put downs.
  • The backhanded insult delivered like a compliment.
  • The gossip.
  • The backstabbing.
  • The little white lies - the ones we tell ourselves are the most dangerous.

What you can do instead

  • Publicly support and encourage each other.
  • Take credit for your own awesomeness.
  • Take a compliment. "Thank You!" works.
  • Never put yourself down.
  • Stop being nice and be kind instead.
  • Have boundaries and enforce them..

We are so much more than a month of history or a day of recognition. We deserve to be celebrated (and treated with respect and dignity!) every day. Let's do this not only for our daughters, our granddaughter and our nieces. Let's do it for our sons, our grandsons and our nephews. Join me on this journey of celebrating ALL women. The only place we can go is up.

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Theresa Polley

Theresa believes ALL women have the right to live life on their own terms. In 2004, she created Retreat in the Pines to give women a safe space to be their authentic selves without apology while finding the healing and renewal they deserve.

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