The Power of Our Stories
Theresa Polley
October 4, 2021
May 27, 2022
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Hearing women tell their stories is powerful. I know I will never know anyone’s experience as well as I know my own, but I believe sharing our stories allows us to connect with each other, in spite of our differences.

When we make space for others to tell their story, we give them a lifeline. I’ve often felt alone in my struggles, and then I have a conversation with a guest at a retreat and I realize I am not alone at all. 

I’ve had the privilege to hear deeply personal stories of women triumphing over difficult situations. I’ve watched women supporting and encouraging each other as they share stories of challenges they are facing. 

As women, many of us have experienced challenges and struggles - and in some situations - out and out trauma. Yet in spite of what we’re facing we continue to move forward. Baby steps in some cases and three steps forward and two steps back in other cases - it all counts as forward motion. 

When I’m facing challenges, I find it’s the act of moving forward - putting one foot in front of another - that gets me through. And on the days forward motion seems impossible, I give myself grace and know that tomorrow I can try again.

I see you. I understand you. I am you.

When we truly allow ourselves to be vulnerable we can find that connection to each other on a cellular level. Vulnerability can be difficult, but it is incredibly freeing to speak your truth and share your story. Sharing your story is the first step on your journey of healing. Recognizing we are all in this together and you’re not alone in your struggles can bring comfort when facing challenges. While some days we struggle to keep our head above water, other days we can extend a helping hand.

A guest who frequently retreats with us shared her thoughts on why our retreats are a magical experience of connection and community - where women feel safe telling their stories. 

We come from different places and different backgrounds, you’d think we have nothing in common. Yet we are women - we have everything in common.

I invite you to share your story or hold space for someone else to tell theirs. Witness  the power of our shared stories and watch how each of our stories lift each of us up in community and connection.

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Theresa Polley

Theresa believes ALL women have the right to live life on their own terms. In 2004, she created Retreat in the Pines to give women a safe space to be their authentic selves without apology while finding the healing and renewal they deserve.

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