The Journey Continues
Theresa Polley
November 14, 2019
September 11, 2023
My Journey

Since 2004, I’ve survived the growing pains as Retreat in the Pines grew. The early years were difficult as I worked incredibly hard to keep the business going through financial challenges, while still doing everything. Now with multiple options for retreats and the amazing team of women who make Retreat in the Pines a sanctuary, I'm growing as a leader, facing new challenges. I continue to learn that our struggles are what give us strength.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. ~Kelly Clarkson

Celebrating Milestones at Retreat in the Pines

  • 2019: Last month we celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Retreat in the Pines with a party in Dallas. It was amazing, and I still can’t believe that it’s been 15 years since all of this started.
  • 2018: I was so excited when our Dining Hall opened in January 2018. Amazingly, Kaycee and Terry built it themselves from the ground up. I love the windows with the view of nature in every direction.
  • 2015: Nina and I practiced Yoga on a pergola on a Florida beach on vacation in 2014. I loved the sound of the waves as we practiced. The sound of the cars, not so much. I came back with the idea for a large deck nestled in the trees. Kaycee and Terry made my dream a reality, our Yoga Deck was finished in 2015. Made entirely of Trex which is recycled wood and water bottles. I love to look up, and see only tree tops and blue sky. I love the sound of nature out on the Yoga Deck. Tree branches gently moving in the breeze. Pine cones falling. Birds calling. Peace and quiet.

Retreats for Women

Our retreats are not only about yoga, wine and laughter, but more importantly, our community of amazing women. Our retreats are for ALL women needing a getaway (especially those who don’t think they need one). No yoga or meditation experience is needed. Here you don’t need fancy yoga clothes or makeup. Our Mindfulness & Meditation Retreats are gaining in popularity guests enjoy gentle yoga and guided meditation, plus tips on using mindfulness to find peace and joy. This is the perfect retreat if you find yourself struggling with anxiety and racing thoughts. Our Yoga Nurture Retreat continues to be our most popular retreat, plenty of free time to head into town to visit antique shops, art studios or a local winery.

Our Scholarship program has provided financial assistance for many women over the past several years. If you know of any woman who could benefit from our Retreat Assistance Program, please refer them to this information. In the past, we have provided retreats for single moms, women struggling with tragedy and grief, college students and women coping with health and other issues.

Guests find compassion and encouragement in our community of supportive women. Our retreats are like adult slumber parties – with wine! Learn more about our retreat offerings here.

Thank You for Being Here

I often get asked how I did all the things I did: cleaning, cooking, teaching yoga and leading the retreat. Sunday morning brunch was the most challenging, I'd get up before 6 am, get the coffee going, empty the dishwasher, visit with guests and prep the breakfast casserole. At 8 am I'd put the casserole in the oven and then run to the Yoga studio to teach. 9 am, back to the kitchen to take the breakfast casserole out and then dash back to the studio to lead meditation. I have NO IDEA how I did it all - but I do know - I am a person who gets things done. Put it in front of me. I'll do it.

It is my honor and pleasure to do what I do. Thank you to each of you, our beautiful community of amazing and inspiring women who show up for retreats and for each other. I am grateful for your support over the years and your understanding when we have hiccups along the way!

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Theresa Polley

Theresa believes ALL women have the right to live life on their own terms. In 2004, she created Retreat in the Pines to give women a safe space to be their authentic selves without apology while finding the healing and renewal they deserve.

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