Supporting Black Women and Their Businesses
Theresa Polley
June 14, 2020
August 16, 2023
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I believe there are many ways to support the Black community and I’m open to your suggestions. This a critical time in our history and I believe now is the time to raise my voice in support of Black Women. I hope you will join me.

My passion is to support and make space for ALL WOMEN. I stand before you as a woman business owner asking for you to support, not only Women Owned, but businesses owned by Black Women and Women of Color. We vote with our dollar and when we order everything from Amazon or Wal-Mart we are putting money into the pockets of huge companies and their highly paid CEOs. I don't know about you, but that's not who I want to support with my dollar.

There are many ways to support the Black Community. We can educate ourselves. We can donate to organizations who are striving to make change. We can speak up, instead of staying silent, when others use racial slurs or put downs. We can shop and support businesses owned by Black Women and Women of Color.

Some of these are local businesses, some not. Please join me in supporting.

  • Dallas Grit Fitness - Brit Rettig created this women only gym which serves three locations with a wide variety of classes "to empower women to be stronger than their circumstances." Offering virtual and in-person classes. Dallas and online.
  • Hannah's Gluten Free Bakery - One look at those cinnamon rolls and my first response is YUM! Founded by Larissa and named after her daughter Hannah. Larissa started baking Gluten Free after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. Their philosophy is "Love First. Bake Second." Dallas.
  • The Iman Project - Founded by Bree Clark with her husband Carlos, her passion is to build a diverse community through style and design workshops. They also build farmhouse tables to sell. Dallas and online.
  • McBride Sisters Winery - Sisters, Robin and Andrea, were living worlds apart but sharing the same passion for wine. Robin was raised in Monterey California and Andrea in Marlborough New Zealand. In 1999 they found each other and began their journey of wine making. Online.
  • Taylor and Tess - Tess Taylor has created a skin care line that is plant based, toxin free and CBD infused. Her mission is to provide high quality products "for men, women, neither and both." Dallas and online.

I believe it is just as much about where you spend your money as where you don’t spend your money. I stopped supporting certain businesses  who continued to advertise on shows that promote homophobic, anti-immigration and racist agendas. When businesses advertise on those shows, it is clear they are supporting or at the very least are ok with those views. Neither one is acceptable.

I'm looking forward to supporting all of these businesses.

Please choose responsibly when you shop - we are all in this together.

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