The Gift of Friendship
Theresa Polley
March 10, 2022
August 16, 2023
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My friends are such an important part of my life, but I'm guilty of putting our relationships on the back burner as I focus my time and energy on the "busyness" of life. Losing a friendship last year was especially devastating. The pain was as difficult as losing a romantic relationship.This painful incident reminded me to prioritize my friendships and give them the time and energy they deserve.

After the isolation of the last two years, I've found it's especially challenging to find new friends. Not only have our lives been turned upside down, but it seems as if so much of our connection consists of liking and making comments on our "friends" posts on social media. This not cultivating relationships, but more of a distraction of what we want to avoid. I believe we've all fallen into the trap of thinking the friendships we desire and need can be built and cared for via social media when we spend so much of our time and energy there.

Instead of cultivating friendship in the real world I've wasted my time and energy on these pseudo friendships - and I can tell you an in person connection with a real friend is much more fulfilling than any time spent staring at a screen.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. ~ Brené Brown

Be Yourself - I believe the only way we can find friends is to show up as our authentic selves. When we show up and let ourselves be who we truly are, only then can we make those lasting connections that are an essential part of our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Make Time - You may believe you don't have time to get together with an old friend, but the gift of time with someone who you share mutual love and support for one another is a much needed part of self-care.

Plan a Get Together - I encourage you to plan a night out, a night in, or even an intentional video call to allow you to remind one another of your strengths, share encouragement through the trials, and celebrate even the smallest of wins.

Be Open - To the possibility of friends who don't look like you or think like you. New friends can expand our horizons and introduce us to a new way of thinking that may enrich our life in ways we never imagined. They offer new experiences, new hobbies and may even lead to more friends!

At our retreats, we often witness new connections leading to friendships. There is something magical about connecting with a stranger - whom we may have assumed we had nothing in common - only to discover shared interests, joys and even shared pain - and subsequently a friendship.

If you’d like to surround yourself with like minded women, join us for a retreat. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open, and you may find the connection you need.

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