My Dream of a Yoga Retreat
June 20, 2011
November 7, 2019
My Journey

In 2004, I dreamed of a yoga retreat where women could relax and laugh, while meeting new friends and sharing stories with each other. While yoga and meditation are important, so is free time to enjoy a massage, nap in a hammock, read, visit with friends or go into town for lunch, a wine tasting or shopping. It’s complete bliss!

I got the idea for a Yoga Retreat after teaching classes at a Fitness Retreat, which was less like a retreat and more like torture! There was no sugar, no dairy, no coffee, no carbs, no wine, no chocolate and definitely no fun. I reasoned if people wanted to attend a retreat where they ate tofu, sat on a meditation cushion all day and didn’t talk to each other, they’d have to go somewhere else. That wasn’t the retreat experience I wanted to give my guests. My idea was for guests to “treat” themselves at a retreat, enjoying coffee, wine, chocolate and delicious meals along with yoga and meditation.

It’s important to me that our retreats are accessible to all women, physically, financially and socially.

Our wonderful staff of Yoga Instructors teach to all levels and our classes are beginner friendly. Our Retreat Assistance Program assists those guests who need it. Our shared accommodations promote life long friendships.

My first Yoga Retreat in November 2004 was a complete success, even though there were only two guests! Since that humble beginning (where we had to move the couch and the table to make room for our yoga mats)  to today (we spread our mats out in the serene and light filled space of the separate yoga studio), many women have made Retreat in the Pines a stop along their yoga journey. Yogis have traveled from as far away as Chicago, NYC, San Francisco and Boston to experience a weekend of yoga and healing. I’m thrilled that so many women choose to come back yearly, often bringing friends or family with them. While some things have changed, the retreat experience remains unchanged.

May 2011
Thank you again for everything, you are such a special person and a joy to be with. The week end was everything and more! Received your letter today and appreciate your thoughts. Printed all the recipes and will remember your love whenever I cook them. See you again. —Peggy, Plano, TX

I’m so grateful for each of the women I’ve met along the way. The gratitude lifts me up daily.

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Theresa believes ALL women should be able to live life on their own terms. In 2004, she created Retreat in the Pines to give women the space to embrace their authentic self.

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