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October 19, 2017
May 29, 2020
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As we go through this time of sheltering in place, working remotely and limited outings, our opportunities to connect becomes less frequent. The opportunity to share a brief conversation with an acquaintance at a coffee shop or experience a moment of kindness from a complete stranger are almost non-existent now. Those connections are what we as humans need for a sense of community and belonging.

A retreat is a great way to find your tribe. In person or virtual - finding like minded women allows you to find relief from the craziness of life. Usually when I start talking with another woman - even though we may be completely different - I find a common ground that we as women share. We all struggle with challenges in our life.

We come from different places and it may seem like we have nothing in common, but we really have everything in common.

To find your tribe you must get out in the world and have experiences and be open to others around you. You may or may not even know what your tribe looks like. If you’re still figuring out who and what you enjoy, start there.

Who Belongs in Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

First, make a list of the things you love to do. Then a list of things you’d like to try.

Start with the things you love  – find a Meet Up or a Facebook group that enjoys mountain biking, wine tastings, board games or whatever appeals to you.

Don’t just sit back and watch. RSVP and show up to an event. Ask questions. Answer questions. Interact with the people around you. Whatever you do, don’t show up and not talk to a soul and then get back in your car and drive away.

Be Yourself Quote by Oscar Wilde

As you interact with new people, be genuine, be authentic, be yourself. They will either like you or not, but once you’ve dropped your facade, you connect on an even deeper level.

Be present with your tribe. Pay attention to what they’re saying, exchange ideas and laugh together. Put your phone down.

Be open to all ages, life experiences and current situations. Go beyond the surface to truly connect with someone.

Don’t take it personally if someone who you think you have a great connection with doesn’t feel the same way. It’s a little like online dating – it’s a numbers game!

Yoga Retreat Guests
A Group of New Friends & Old at a Recent Retreat

Who Doesn’t Belong in Your Tribe

Friends who say they want to get together and when you reach out to them, they put you off. Move on.

Friends who say nasty things about other friends. You know they’re also talking smack about you behind your back.

Friends who take and take and take. While you give and give and give. Just say no and move on to someone who is available for a give and take relationship.

Friends you’ve known forever, but now it seems more about your differences, than your similarities. It’s ok to move on from high school or early adulthood friends when you feel like you no longer have anything in common.

“Friends for a reason and friends for a season.” I love this as a way to discern between friends who are part of my current tribe and friends who are part of my past.

Life is about learning and growing. Your tribe should be learning and growing with you and encouraging you every step of the way.

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