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We’re Growing: News from the Pines

Since 2004, I’ve watched Retreat in the Pines grow – from small retreats (there were two guests at our very first retreat) and we practiced yoga in the main house in front of the fireplace. Now we have many different retreat options led by myself and other talented instructors and we practice yoga in a our beautiful yoga studio. Our retreats are about yoga, wine and laughter, and most importantly, we celebrate our community of amazing women. From 2004 to 2013, I did everything myself – from the cooking to the cleaning to the yoga classes. I’m so happy introduce you to our staff – the amazing women (and one great guy) who make Retreat in the Pines the paradise that it is.

Our Mindfulness & Meditation Retreats are gaining in popularity, guests enjoy gentle yoga and guided meditation, plus tips on using mindfulness to find peace and joy. This is the perfect retreat if you find yourself struggling with anxiety and racing thoughts.

Our Yoga Nurture Retreats continue to be our most popular retreats. Perfect for ALL women needing a getaway. No yoga experience needed.

 Guests find compassion and encouragement in our community of supportive women. Our retreats are like adult slumber parties – with wine! Learn more about our retreat offerings here.

Yoga Retreat

We’re Growing!

Our Dining Hall is scheduled for completion by September 2017. You’ll be able to enjoy the view of the trees from every seat. Our long-term plan is to build additional guest accommodations. In the meantime, we are adding to our herb and veggie gardens, as well as creating a Serenity Garden for guests to sit in silence, to enjoy the peace and healing of nature.

We are excited to be working with the East Texas Veterans Resource Center to give scholarships to women who have selflessly served our country. We are giving these veterans a place to rest and renew as they get back on their feet. Our Scholarship program has provided financial assistance for many women over the past several years. If you know of any woman who could benefit from our Retreat Assistance Program, please refer them to this information. In the past, we have provided retreats for single moms, women struggling with tragedy and grief, college students and women coping with health and other issues.

Yoga Retreat

On the Way to Gratitude Club Membership

Finally, we are happy to announce our new Retreat in the Pines Gratitude Club. This is for our guests who’ve retreated with us at least five times since 2004. If this is you, look for an e-mail in your in-box giving you all of the exciting details. There’s no cost to join and membership includes discounts on retreat and boutique purchases, special Invitation Only Retreats, free swag and so much more. 

Every October we celebrate the Anniversary of Retreat in the Pines. Today I’d like to celebrate the opportunity of serving and meeting incredible women (like you!), as well as our staff of talented guest instructors and Heather and her team (Kathy and Kelly) and all that they to do to make sure every bite you take is delicious. 

It is my honor and pleasure to do what I do. Thank you to each of you, our beautiful community of amazing and inspiring women who show up for retreats. And for each other.



Wedding in the Pines

Outdoor Wedding

Marissa & Jason’s Wedding

Marissa and Jason had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding. They agreed that the beauty and stillness of Texas’ own Retreat in the Pines was the perfect place for them to start their new life together. The day they visited, it was cold, wet and basically miserable, but they immediately fell in love with the peace, serenity and pine trees.

Married couple outdoor wedding

Jason, Marisa and son Jameson

In Marissa’s invite to her guests, she wrote, “The venue is a lovely yoga retreat nestled in the pine trees of Mineola, Texas. We found the perfect intimate spot for the ceremony in the woods and a nice big clearing near the two log homes for dinner and dancing.”

Their dream come true outdoor wedding dawned on a beautiful April morning, the temperature were in the 70s and the bright sunbeams were streaming out of a brilliant blue sky. They were both relieved, as just days before; it had been cold and raining, very unlikely weather for spring in East Texas. They stood and exchanged vows with the trees for their backdrop.

Their wedding in Marisa’s words was “A blast!” with 70 of their closest friends and family member gathered in the pines for pizza, champagne toasts, live music, dancing, and more.

We wish Marisa and Jason and their adorable son Jameson all the best on their journey!

We are thrilled to have hosted two outdoor weddings so far this year and would love to host yours. Please contact us if you’re interested.

More details on their wedding.

Retreat in the Pines: The Beginning

It was a chilly February morning in 2004. My family and I made the trip from Dallas to the town of Mineola to look at the property now known as Retreat in the Pines. Driving down the long and winding driveway through the trees, we had no idea what to expect. Suddenly we were in a clearing, and directly in front of us was a log house, smoke gently curling out of the chimney, the lights on beckoning us inside.

It looked like home.

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