Practice Self-Care at Our Ignite & Celebrate Retreat
Theresa Polley
August 31, 2022
August 31, 2022
Self Care

When was the last time you celebrated yourself, your life, your accomplishments? If you’re like me it hasn’t been anytime recently. We’re not alone – only 32% of women practice self care. Men actually practice self care more than we do. At first, I was surprised by that fact, but then I realize women tend to prioritize others and their needs before our own.

I’m not sure if it’s our genetic makeup or societal norms: but we consistently put our families, our jobs, our friends, our social “obligations,” you name it, before our own self care. Self-care is a form of loving ourselves, - essential to being able to show up for ourselves plus the people and things we love and care about. So why do we think that it’s “selfish” to take care of ourselves

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. ~Audra Lorde

Self Care at our Ignite & Celebrate Retreat

When you take a weekend away at our Ignite & Celebrate Retreat to reconnect with yourself and release the need to be someone you’re not, you’ll ignite your spirit and let yourself shine. You’ll leave having reawakened the part of you that lies beneath all your obligations, celebrating what makes you unique and allowing yourself to be free. 

  • Activities: Reawaken your playful side at the Karaoke and Dance Party. Let go of what doesn’t serve you at the Fire Circle Letting Go Ceremony (with S'mores!). Deeply connect to yourself and others with workshops that include Mindful Eating and Body Acceptance and Awareness and The Healing Power of Letting Go.
  • Yoga: Gentle and slow yoga practices are welcoming to all experience levels. Classes include a Letting Go Flow and Morning Flow – Syncing Body, Mind, Breath.
  • Meditation: Meditations are approachable for all levels. Stepping into Awareness Nature Walk and Finding Presence & Gratitude in Nature.

Join us for one of our upcoming Ignite & Celebrate Retreats:

4 Benefits of Self Care

  1. Lessen stress and anxiety. Practicing self care triggers a relaxation response that helps to reduce stress.
  2. Peace of mind. Self care allows you to find clarity to prioritize what’s really important and release the rest.
  3. Discover balance. Slowing down to take care of yourself allows you to balance the constant pull on your time and energy with downtime to rest and release. 
  4. More time for what you enjoy.

By embracing self care – whether at a retreat or at home – and giving yourself permission to take what you need when you need it, you’re fully able to give to yourself and others.

Offering Self Care Wellness Retreats in Texas

Join us at Retreat in the Pines, a women’s retreat center located outside of Dallas-Fort Worth,  designed to cultivate community, connection, and mind-body healing in a serene, inclusive sanctuary. 

Leave your worries at the gate, get comfy and enjoy: chef-prepared meals, gentle yoga, guided meditations and as much rest as you want. Find connection, clarity and exactly what you need. 

Join us for one of our wellness retreats for women, happening almost every weekend. View All Our Retreats

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