Make the Most out of Your Retreat at Home
March 23, 2020
May 21, 2020
Updates from the Pines

The following tips will help you enjoy your Retreat at Home. Let go of stress and worry about the future. Allow yourself to be fully present and show up for yourself during your Retreat at Home.

Here's the schedule.

Prepare Your Space
  • Create an atmosphere of peace and calm.
  • Put away clutter.
  • Create a space for you with candles, flowers, mala beads, photos, anything that brings you joy.
  • Create a soothing playlist or stream our Retreat at Home playlist.
Prepare Yourself
  • Finish work obligations.
  • Take care of personal obligations and chores.
  • Gather your journal or inspirational reading.
  • Lay out your most comfortable clothes - you'll be on video so maybe a nice top with your pj bottoms!
Set an intention
  • Allow yourself to reflect on the feelings you're experiencing right now due to the virus outbreak
  • List your challenges.
  • Recognize what is bringing you joy.
  • Find gratitude for something.
  • What is it you're needing in this moment? Let that be your intention.
  • There is no charge to you for a Zoom account.
  • Set up Zoom account beforehand.
  • For fun, choose a virtual background if you'd rather not display your home.
  • Five minutes before each activity join Waiting Room of Call by Clicking Link.
Conversation Tips
  • Be respectful of each other’s speaking time.
  • Allow each guest to speak without interrupting.
  • Share compassion and grace.
  • Know what you share will not be repeated.

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