Let Go and Find Your Freedom
July 6, 2018
March 27, 2020
Self Care

We hear the word freedom quite a bit at this time of year. We celebrate our country’s independence on July Fourth, but what about celebrating freedom in our personal lives? Discover freedom from noise and distraction when you join us for a retreat.

You’ll often hear yoga instructors expressing this idea in class: clear your mind, let go. And in letting go, we can find freedom. This might seem like a very broad concept, so it’s helpful to hone in on what exactly you’re looking to let go of: self-doubt, negative self-talk, attachment to the past, attachment to any ideas of what the future “should” look like, and so on.

For me personally, the journey of letting go is something I must be intentional about. It’s easy to get off track. Here are ideas on how to do just that:

Let go of self-doubt. As women, we play many different roles in our lives: friend, employee, boss, mother, sister, wife; the list goes on. With all the hats we wear, it can be easy to doubt how we are “performing” in any given role. We might wonder if we’re good enough, or if we’re doing enough. The reality is that we are doing the best we can—and that is always enough.

"You are either now here, or nowhere." Baron Baptiste

Let go of negative self-talk. Our thoughts have the power to create our reality. At one time or another, we may find ourselves in a cycle of negative self-talk, focusing on the things we see as flaws or negatives about ourselves or ruminating on mistakes we have made. Let go of fixation on the negative. Focus your attention and energy on what you love about yourself, and positivity will follow.

Let go of attachment to the past and the future. This quote sums up the importance of being present for me. A significant element of the practice of yoga is learning through breath, meditation, and movement to be present. When we focus too much on events of the past—which are already done and gone—we prevent ourselves from moving forward into growth. On the other side of the coin, worrying about the future creates anxiety, which is essentially a fear of something that has only happened in our minds, but not in reality. Let go of what happened in the past and the need to control what happens in the future. You’ll find the freedom to be present, and to live and love the moment you are in.

Learning to let go is one step toward finding freedom from the things that hold you back in your personal life. At Retreat in the Pines, we create a safe, relaxing space for you to step away from the worries of your daily life and give yourself an opportunity to focus on letting go. We’d love for you to join one of our upcoming retreats to find freedom during a weekend away that is just for you. Check out our schedule of upcoming retreats to learn more.

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