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Wedding in the Pines

Outdoor Wedding

Marissa & Jason’s Wedding

Marissa and Jason had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding. They agreed that the beauty and stillness of Texas’ own Retreat in the Pines was the perfect place for them to start their new life together. The day they visited, it was cold, wet and basically miserable, but they immediately fell in love with the peace, serenity and pine trees.

Married couple outdoor wedding

Jason, Marisa and son Jameson

In Marissa’s invite to her guests, she wrote, “The venue is a lovely yoga retreat nestled in the pine trees of Mineola, Texas. We found the perfect intimate spot for the ceremony in the woods and a nice big clearing near the two log homes for dinner and dancing.”

Their dream come true outdoor wedding dawned on a beautiful April morning, the temperature were in the 70s and the bright sunbeams were streaming out of a brilliant blue sky. They were both relieved, as just days before; it had been cold and raining, very unlikely weather for spring in East Texas. They stood and exchanged vows with the trees for their backdrop.

Their wedding in Marisa’s words was “A blast!” with 70 of their closest friends and family member gathered in the pines for pizza, champagne toasts, live music, dancing, and more.

We wish Marisa and Jason and their adorable son Jameson all the best on their journey!

We are thrilled to have hosted two outdoor weddings so far this year and would love to host yours. Please contact us if you’re interested.

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