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Resolve to Take Care of You

The following post is written by Tonya Caudoro.

Tonya - Taking Care of Myself Does Matter

Tonya – Taking Care of Myself Does Matter

This morning, as I lay in quiet Savasana, I thought about how well I treated myself during 2011. What I was really thinking was that I could treat myself better.

Sure, I went on a few yoga retreats to the beautiful piney woods of East Texas. I’d also trained all year for triathlons, pushing my body to new limits. I’ve stopped to enjoy some stillness but I’ll also admit that December flew by in a rush, leaving my head spinning and illness looming.

I used to be that person who did yoga 3 – 5 times a week. I used to be that person who ate more vegetables, meditated often, got massages and dry brushed my skin to make sure my lymph nodes kept my body toxin free. As I struggled through my yoga practice this morning, I recognized the effects of pushing myself too hard and neglecting the healthy practices I used to do diligently. I’ve been fighting illness for the second time in two months. I’m weak, achy and sore. My mind has been so scattered that I’ve had trouble concentrating.

On my mat, I slowed down to start 2012… or at least the 2nd day of the year. I let go of thoughts of a lingering To-Do list. I breathed in the peace and breathed out the stress of 2011.

Resolutions, I find, are usually broken. I’d rather commit instead of comply to something I feel I have to do. So, instead of resolving that I HAVE to take better care of myself, I will commit to myself and my family that I will get back to what makes me feel good. When I take care of me, I am better at taking care of my children, my house, and my business. It’s all connected.

Bring on 2012. And bring on the warmth of a healthy body, glowing skin and many more mini-retreats in the day-to-day busy-ness of life.

Thank you for the stillness of my yoga mat to remind me that quiet moments are when the good stuff happens.