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Packing for a Yoga Retreat

The following post was written by Tonya Caudoro.

Yoga pants… Check!

Tank tops… Check!

Comfy PJs… Check!

Flip Flops… Check!

Pema Chodron book to read while lying on a hammock in the woods… Check!


Tonya Enjoying Her Happy Place in the Pines

Ahhh… I love packing for a weekend at Yoga in the Pines. I crave the simplicity of it. I long for weekends of wearing no make-up or pretense. I look forward to the community – with nature, my spirit and the new friends I’m sure to make.

I know that going into the weekend, I will shed more than my high heels, business suits and curled locks. I won’t touch a curling iron. I won’t (and I still feel guilty about this) have to wash a dish or cook a meal. Homemade healthy foods will be served to ME. A glass of wine will be waiting with MY NAME on it. Ok, not literally but close enough!

This will be MY weekend. I’m packing but leaving so much behind. And I’ll come home with even more of me than I took in.

My body, mind and spirit will be soothed while I leave my baggage in the woods.

Thank you.