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Barn Feature

News from the Retreat

Loved It!

There is a common theme among guests who come to a Yoga Nurture Retreat weekend and take the time to write a comment in the guest book. Most say they loved it and can’t wait to come back. Here are some comments from the very happy guests.

Playing games after dinner

“Thank you so much for a great, relaxing weekend. Our ladies gym group got even closer and learned some great yoga moves. That’s all because ‘what happens in the pines, stays in the pines’.” Donna, Mansfield, Texas

 “Thank you so much for this amazing weekend! I had no idea of the wonderful yoga, food and memories you had in store for us. Thank you for opening your home and heart for us!” Leeann, Rockwall, Texas

Outdoor Meditation

“What a fantastic weekend! Communing with nature, people, my own body and Zoe…sigh! I will take these feelings with me back to the cray city/normal life and revisit the moments as needed. Many thanks for everything.” Terry, Mesquite, Texas

“My shoulders are down and I’m ready to hit the world!” Paula, Dallas, Texas

Wine and Laugther



“Thank you for reminding me how to ‘just be’!” Laura, Plano, Texas

“Wow! There was nothing I didn’t enjoy! What a blessing “Yoga in the Pines!” Theresa – dreams do come true!” Peggy, Blue Mound, Texas

“Wonderful, restful weekend.” Meg, Coppell, Texas

What will your comment be after a relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing retreat weekend in the pines? If you’ve already been out, would love to have your thoughts.