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News from the Retreat


The following post was written by guest Tonya Caudoro.

The drive to the yoga retreat this weekend was less than stellar. A massive (read: insane) thunderstorm accompanied me the entire drive east. Rain falling sideways. Almost non-existent visibility. Lightning striking the ground next to me. White knuckles on my steering wheel. Flooded streets. Wind gusts pushing my vehicle from one lane to the next. I laughed, in spite of my fear.

I recalled preparation for Savasana – the final relaxation pose in yoga. Commonly, we go into the final pose by taking each muscle into tension, then relaxation, bit by bit, from the bottom of our feet to the top of our heads.

“Maybe that’s what I’m doing right now,” I said out loud to myself. “I’m completely tensing my body, lungs and heart rate because I’m going to let go of all of this tension when I get there.”

When I arrived, I was greeted with a glass of wine, a plate of freshly prepared, scrumptious dinner, and smiling faces from strangers… who would soon become friends.

Yoga, on the top floor of the beautiful log cabin, felt strong and wonderful.

The food was homemade and mmmm….yummy…

We shared stories and laughter. We bonded over life’s disappointments and transitions. We held each other up over glasses of wine, fruit and chocolate treats. We sat in awe at each other’s history and what brought us to this common place and time.

Oh and the trees…. I LOVE trees. Trees are a natural sedative to me. And to nap in a hammock in the middle of Saturday afternoon with this view meant I had no obligations except to myself.

Sit still.




I will be going back.