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What Our Guests are Saying About Us

I’m grateful to all of the Retreat in the Pines guests who’ve visited us since 2004. Here’s a sampling of our reviews from the last few years.

Yoga Retreat Guests

Kristen – Positive Vibes

“Theresa has worked along with nature to create such a beautiful place. The trees, the sounds, the smells…everything combines to create a perfect space. I highly recommend this to anyone who has never done any yoga (like me)! It was the best introduction!! There is no judgement here. I am different than when I arrived.” ~ Kristen, July 2017


“Never had any idea this place was so close to home. It’s been open over 10 years. I would highly recommend it to ladies who want to recharge and have a wonderful girls weekend. Absolutely wonderful! And the food is great!!! The yoga and the fellowship were fantastic! Can’t wait to go back.” ~ Stephanie, July 2017

“Well worth the 3+ hour drive to the beautiful property. Michelle was awesome and so welcoming and caring. Heather’s food (and that cinnamon coffee!!) was absolutely perfect. The yoga sessions were great, I loved the yoga nidra session (it was my first). This was my very first retreat, and all other retreats will have to live up to this. I will be making a return trip to the pines.” ~ Christi, July 2017

“This place is quite the oasis!! The land is gorgeous, the food delicious, the company unbeatable and it was impeccably clean! Theresa has done such an amazing job building this retreat for women. I’m so blessed to have randomly stumbled upon it during a Google search. Definitely recommend!!” ~ Tessa, July 2016

“Great facility, wonderful teacher – Julie, and excellent chef – Heather! I highly recommend this get-away and chance to meet other wonderful ladies. So peaceful and fun!” ~ Caren, April 2016

“Absolutely an amazing and refreshing experience! Perfect place to reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature!” ~ Staci, June 2015

Yoga Retreat Guests

Heather with her Mom and Sister

“Go. Relax. Laugh. My mom, my sister and I had a weekend we will never forget. The other women on the retreat were lovely. The food was great. Theresa is a fabulous host and wonderful yoga instructor. And you can drink wine! We traveled from Ohio and Illinois and would do it again in a heartbeat. We may have found the perfect Mother’s Day celebration!” ~ Heather, May 2015

“Theresa and Jennifer were wonderful hosts, instructors and fabulous cooks! We are making this an annual trip. I highly recommend The Pines for anyone that needs a get away to a place to just relax with friends, do some yoga and enjoy the outdoors.” ~ Annie, February 2014

“I shared with fellow yogis the “awesomeness” of Retreat in the Pines, Theresa’s hospitality and instruction.  Grateful for the beautiful sanctuary to renew our souls…renew our spirit.  I continue to spread the word about this beautiful slice of life to everyone I know.” ~ Nyla, September 2013

Self named us A Yoga Retreat that is Totally Worth It. And MSN called us one of the Best Affordable Solo Trips for Women.

If you’re moved to share about your experience at Retreat in the Pines, I’d love to hear about it. Review on Facebook or Google. Or send me an Email. I welcome all feedback.