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Finding Hope to Move Forward


Yoga Retreat Guests

A Group of New Friends & Old at a Recent Retreat

“There are all different kinds of women at a retreat and you’d think we have nothing in common. But we really have everything in common,” Dionna, a frequent retreat guest, sharing with her sister what makes our women’s yoga and wellness retreats so special.

I have found that’s so true. Even though our guests travel from across the country, have different backgrounds and experiences, we are ALL women. And because of that, we have so much in common.

Our mission is to support and empower EVERY woman.  Yoga and meditation are a crucial part of our retreats, but women gathered together, sharing laughter and stories and supporting each other in community is where the real magic happens. Just ask our guests. Our yoga classes suit all levels, perfect for women of all ages and body types, with absolutely no yoga experience required. Yoga is breath-based movement. I tell guests at the beginning of every retreat, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

Join us for a retreat, discover exactly what you need here. We offer Retreat Assistance and keep our retreats affordable, so we can serve ALL women.

Over the years, we’ve had guests who were originally from other countries including Norway, Mexico, Ukraine and  Russia. Overwhelmingly, these guests have expressed gratitude for the freedoms our country offers women. A guest who moved here from Russia 12 years ago, shared this with us: in Russia, the simple act of women gathering together in a group (as we do every weekend at our retreat center), would be STRONGLY discouraged. How terrifying!

Every retreat closes with our Gratitude Brunch, where guests share gratitude for their health, their yoga practice, their families, and so much more.  I’m always humbled by stories of triumph over struggle and perseverance through challenges, as women deal with health, family, financial or career setbacks. I believe women are stronger than we know and during challenging times, we truly discover our inner strength. For me personally, the struggles in my life have allowed me to grow. Sometimes it takes a shift in perspective (a yoga retreat!) to realize we are capable of so much more than we think.

I have a peace sign tattooed on my right shoulder  (designed and tattooed by the talented Star – one of our amazing guest instructors.)

Peace Love Hope

This tattoo is so meaningful to me because it includes the words peace, love and hope.  I chose to get the tattoo after my divorce seven years ago during which peace, love and hope seemed like a distant memory. After my divorce, I went through many struggles. I lost friends, my home, material things and my way. I watched helplessly as my children faced challenges and I couldn’t save them. I struggled for years to grow my small business to a place where I could support myself and my family without being forced to work two other jobs.  Life changes, yes. You either choose to stand still and mope or you choose to move forward with hope. I won’t lie – it was incredibly difficult to take that first step to move forward. But I did. One step at a time. Sometimes I took three steps forward and four steps back. But I kept moving, and I arrived here.

Today I choose to live by the words tattooed on my shoulder. When I begin to get overwhelmed and I lose my way, my yoga and meditation practice reminds me to breathe. When I reconnect to my breath, I embrace peace, love and hope. I witness this same challenge and transformation over and over again with our retreat guests. We really do have EVERYTHING in common.

Let’s move forward and continue to support and empower each other as women. Let’s be grateful that we can gather, recognize all that we can share and fill the world with peace, love and hope. Will you join me?