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News from the Retreat

Coming Back for More

Most of the guests at the October retreat had been to Retreat in the Pines before, two were even back for a third time. It was an amazing weekend.  There were guests Yoga from San Antonio, the Dallas area and Houston.

I am honored and humbled by the comments and appreciation. I am living my passion, which is to give women a place to escape their busy lives and take time for themselves…to nurture themselves…through the healing power of yoga and nature, the kindness and compassion of other women, the comfort of good food, wine and laughter.

The first comment below is from a first time attendee, the second comment is from a woman who was here in July and came back.

“From the moment I arrived at the wooden cabin at the end of the pine needle-strewn Relaxing After Breakfastcountry road I could feel the stress of the job, the city, the traffic and the noise beginning to melt out of me. After the first evening’s candlelight yoga class with its emphasis on stretching and relaxation, I knew I’d found a refuge and a place to renew my mind, body and spirit. Two days of yoga, hiking in the woods, fabulous food and wine, meditation and new friends left me refreshed, content and at peace. Thanks so much, Theresa, for creating and sharing this wonderful place and may God bless it and all who pass through it as He did me during my stay.” Robin, Dallas, Texas


“I began looking for a place to literally retreat to in May of 2011. Due to some unforeseen life events I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Unfortunately this is the complete and utter truth.
MeditationI found Yoga in the Pines searching for meditation and yoga near the Austin area. Who knew that peace, love, serenity, and strength were only 2 hours away in the small country town of Mineola? Since my first visit away from my crazy hectic life to a weekend of wonderful food, yoga, relaxation, wine and friendship, I have wanted to come back. I made it happen last weekend.

I am not a woman that makes friends easily so the fact that I have made friends here, hopefully lifelong friends, is amazing. There is a feeling of comfort and at the same time power. You are surrounded by nature and cabin style living. In that same cabin however are strong, smart, kind women from all backgrounds, cities, and paths.

Theresa is welcoming like a family member, accommodating like a perfect hostess, and open like a therapist. When you go make sure she makes you the tomato feta dip, it is legendary!

My therapist (man that makes me sound crazy!) told me I deserved to “have an affair with myself.” So I have embraced that and made Yoga in the Pines one of my guilty pampering pleasures. I plan to keep coming back!” Elishia, Mansfield, Texas