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Comfort Zone

You may have heard the saying that all of the good things happen outside of your comfort zone. Well I’ve lived that expression. Everything good that’s happened in my life, has been a matter of me stepping out of my comfort zone and getting really uncomfortable.

My yoga mentor has a saying that I love, “Find comfort in the discomfort.” Everytime I put my mat down for my practice, I’m reminded of that…as the sweat drips into my eyes, as my legs burn with exhaustion, as my breath comes fast and furious, as my hips ache in double pigeon. Oh yeah, I’m uncomfortable, but I love it, its taking me to a place I need to go. Maybe the true meaning of getting comfortable with discomfort is just learning to accept it, sit with it…until it starts to feel comfortable.


Outside of My Comfort Zone in Crow Pose

As in the discomfort that’s the reality of life. Dating after my divorce, raising feisty teenagers as a single mom, traveling alone…oh there was some discomfort there, almost unbearable at times. But I flourished and I moved on and I’m still finding situations that make me uncomfortable. But I find that if I breathe deeply,  move through it (not around it)…I find that comfort is waiting for me right on the other side.

Teaching my first yoga class made me uncomfortable, all those students looking at me waiting for me to guide them to enlightenment…yikes. Teaching my 500th, not so much, my students wanting to release tension, take a pose to another level, find some peace…I can help. My first yoga retreat, with just two guests looking to me for guidance and transformation, I’m thinking “what am I doing?!” My July 2012 yoga retreat I met some amazing women and heard their tales of survival and joy…truly inspirational.

Yoga retreat

Inspirational Women at the July Retreat

What is it that makes you uncomfortable? And have you made peace with that yet? If you haven’t, I recommend baby steps…you will get to the comfort zone that’s waiting for you on the other side. You may even find, as I did, that a little discomfort is one of the best things in life as it enables you to grow, to move forward, to flourish!