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News from the Retreat

Celebrating our Community of Amazing Women

May is our month to celebrate you and to celebrate women everywhere. To celebrate our strengths and our vulnerabilities, our struggles and our achievements, our hopes and our dreams.

Join our community of amazing women who will understand, encourage and inspire you at a retreat. You may just meet your new best friend.

As Diondra said in February, “We come together as women who have nothing in common, but really, we have everything in common.”

Here are some of the amazing women who have journeyed to Retreat in the Pines over the past 12 years. Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends – old and new.

Mothers and Daughters

Carol & Erica

Christina and Baylee

Claudia and Lauren








Kim & Anna

Jen & Katie

Randy and Chris







Best Friends

Sima, Olga, Julie and Oksana

Best Friends at the Retreat

Krista and Malak

Wendy and Jamie







New Friends

Alisa, Allison, April, Michelle and Lori

Theresa and Janis

Michelle and Jonna