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My Dream of a Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat

ALL women enjoy a retreat

In 2004, I dreamed of a yoga retreat where women could relax and laugh, while meeting new friends and sharing stories with each other. While yoga and meditation are important, so is free time to enjoy a massage, nap in a hammock, read, visit with friends or go into town for lunch, a wine tasting or shopping. It’s complete bliss!

I got the idea for a Yoga Retreat after teaching classes at a Fitness Retreat, which was less like a retreat and more like torture! There was no sugar, no dairy, no coffee, no carbs, no wine, no chocolate and definitely no fun. I reasoned if people wanted to attend a retreat where they ate tofu, sat on a meditation cushion all day and didn’t talk to each other, they’d have to go somewhere else. That wasn’t the retreat experience I wanted to give my guests. My idea was for guests to “treat” themselves at a retreat, enjoying coffee, wine, chocolate and delicious meals along with yoga and meditation.

It’s important to me that our retreats are accessible to all women, physically, financially and socially.

Our wonderful staff of Yoga Instructors teach to all levels and our classes are beginner friendly. Our Retreat Assistance Program assists those guests who need it. Our shared accommodations promote life long friendships.

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Retreat in the Pines: The Beginning

Main House

The Main House was the Only Building on the Property

It was a chilly February morning in 2004. My family and I made the trip from Dallas to the town of Mineola to look at the property now known as Retreat in the Pines. Driving down the long and winding driveway through the trees, we had no idea what to expect. Suddenly we were in a clearing, and directly in front of us was a log house, smoke gently curling out of the chimney, the lights on beckoning us inside.

It looked like home.

We stepped out of the car into the stillness of the trees, inhaling the fresh air gently scented with pine, only the sound of the wind in the pine trees breaking the silence. No planes flying overhead, no traffic in the distance, just glorious blissful peace. We fell in love. Eric, my husband at the time, declared it was his dream home.

We had been to the area several times before to stay at Lake Fork and had really enjoyed all the charms that Mineola had to offer. The property was being sold by Lori, a fellow yoga instructor and her husband. She liked the idea of another yoga instructor buying the property. Neither one of us had any idea how “yogafied” their 30 acres of peace, serenity and pine trees would become. Lori and Bill had searched all over Texas for a place to build a weekend home. The area where the main house now sits had been cleared to drill for oil. Luckily there was no oil!

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