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Meet Our Team

Meet the women who give their all so you can enjoy an incredible and unforgettable retreat experience.

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Theresa Polley - Founder & CEO of Retreat in the Pines

Theresa Founded Retreat in the Pines in 2004

Theresa believes ALL women should be able to live life on their own terms. In 2004, she created Retreat in the Pines to give women the space to embrace their authentic self. Even as she struggled as a single mom working several jobs, Theresa’s lifelong passion for supporting and honoring women gave her the strength to keep the dream of Retreat in the Pines alive. Here’s her story of persistence in the face of the challenges.

Teaching Yoga since 2004, Theresa’s soothing voice and calm presence allow guests to find peace, healing and self-acceptance in every practice. Women of all ages, sizes and abilities feel welcome.

Theresa remains close to her three adult children and is now raising her grandson. She spends her time away from the retreat enjoying all things yoga, cycling and traveling. Theresa loves to write and shares her thoughts and experiences in our blog. Check out the popular All Natural Self-care after 40.

Theresa is in the process of writing her story and interviewing retreat guests for her upcoming book showcasing the stories of hope, courage and perseverance from the pines.

Theresa leads our three night and longer retreats and is currently working on retreats at other locations. Find out more here.

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Kaycee Turner - Property Manager and In House Baker

Kaycee - Property Manager - Retreat in the Pines

Kaycee takes great pride in keeping Retreat in the Pines clean and comfortable for each guest who walks through our doors. She handles decor, gardening, property repair and making sure every room is spotless. She also bakes our Rustic Breads and makes our Granola from scratch.

Kaycee is married to Michael and between the two of them, they have seven children plus two grand babies, lots of chickens, cows, dogs and an exotic cat.

Kaycee’s talents really shine in the kitchen. Her rustic bread (such as Rosemary Bread and Jalapeno Cheddar Bread) are available for dinner – the flavor depends on the seasonal menu. Find her at  First Monday Trade Days in Canton every month, where you can purchase her delicious baked goods.

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Morgan Geer - Head Chef

Yoga Retreat Chef

Morgan is passionate about creating menus and combining tastes and textures for the ultimate in deliciousness. Before bringing her talents to Retreat in the Pines, she was Sous Chef at Jack Mac’s in Plano. She loves to treat our guests to special touches, including homemade whipped cream with our Blueberry Rosemary Scones.

Morgan is happy to share her home with her boyfriend and their assorted menagerie of cats, dogs and snakes. During the week, she’s a teacher at Emler schools and teaches ages two months to teenager and volunteers at Lone Star Lifesavers to bring swim lessons to underprivileged children.

Morgan is thrilled to meet the inspiring women who come to the retreat. Savor the tasty dishes of Morgan’s Spring Menu when you join us for a retreat.

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Krystle Sangillo - Social Media Manager

Krystle Social Media Manager

In addition to being the guru of our social media, Krystle is also a certified yoga teacher. Her yoga practice began as a physical practice when she was struggling through a challenging season in her life. While the postures challenged her, there was something deeper about yoga – she discovered, she felt stronger and more balanced – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

She is a dedicated single mom, devoted to creating the best possible life for her five-year-old daughter, who was diagnosed with autism at age three. Yoga is a daily reminder to Krystle of the acceptance of self and appreciation of the present moment.

Help Krystle spread the word on social media when you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. We’d love to have you share your stories and photos with us!

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Michelle Brazell - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Michelle Yoga Retreat Instructor

Practicing since 2008, Michelle fell in love with yoga as a way to manage stress. At first she struggled to relax in poses, now she can’t imagine her life without yoga. Michelle, teaching since 2011, loves sharing the healing power of yoga with guests.

Michelle, an accountant by profession, enjoys time outdoors – walking and fishing, and she loves cats. Through Ayurveda, she discovered the importance of living a balanced life. Michelle lives in Tulsa and enjoys her drive to the retreat center.

Retreat in the Pines holds a special place in Michelle’s heart, ever since her first visit in 2010.  She looks forward to meeting our amazing guests at her next retreat – Mindfulness & Meditation May 17-19, 2019

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Lisa Coyle - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Lisa Coyle Yoga Retreat InstructorAfter discovering self-compassion and acceptance from her practice, on and off the mat, Lisa turned her passion for yoga into teaching.  She guides students of all levels to experience their own authentic practice. She includes Ayurveda, yoga philosophy and alignment cues in every class. Lisa has been a student of yoga for over 34 years and a teacher for over 15 years. As a Holistic Health Coach. she helps clients find a balanced way to feed themselves – physically and emotionally. Lisa is certified as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist.

Lisa and her husband are empty nesters. After years of being a hands on mom to her three boys, she’s looking forward to her new adventures.

Lisa loves to share her wealth of Yoga and Ayurveda knowledge with retreat guests. Explore Ayurveda and Yoga as a path for wellness at Lisa’s next retreat, Revitalize: Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat in November of 2019.

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Michelle Erby - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Michelle Erby Yoga InstructorMichelle, teaching fitness for over 30 years, teaches all levels and a wide range of styles at the Arlington YMCA and Diana’s School of Yoga. She also leads yoga retreats worldwide. Michelle is passionate about helping students of all ages to better their lives through wellness.

Michelle and her husband have three children and three grandchildren. Michelle loves yoga retreats, cruises, cooking, reading, hot yoga and spending time with her family.

Michelle, along with her two sisters, enjoyed the connection at our Detox & Yoga retreat and she is so grateful to share yoga with our guests. Michelle believes our community makes Retreat in the Pines unique among retreat destinations. Join Michelle for a weekend of relaxation and find connection, May 3-5, 2019

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Summer Hogsed - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Summer Hogsed Retreat HostSummer, a ballet dancer for years, turned to yoga for fitness because it felt like a natural fit. Little did she know, yoga was so much more than fitness. After practicing for five years, Summer decided to deepen her practice by taking teacher training from Karmany Yoga in Dallas. She was surprised to learn how much she loved teaching yoga, and immediately began to teach after earning her RYT.

Summer is married and still enjoys ballet and loves being a puppy mom to her two Siberian Huskies.

Summer teaches alignment-based vinyasa in public and private class settings. Her classes are fun and light, and she encourages students to not take themselves too seriously. She loves learning from her teachers, as well as her students.  Join Summer for a fun weekend of yoga, wine, laughter and so much more at her next retreat.

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Debbie Jaeger - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Yoga Retreat Instructor

Debbie found yoga in 2006, a time of uncertainty and turmoil in her personal life. Her yoga practice allowed her to find grounding. From that point, she was better able to handle the struggles and depression she’d been experiencing.

Realizing how much joy yoga brought to her life she decided the best way to share that joy with others was to teach. Two days after her husband retired, she left for Costa Rica and a month of teacher training. She began teaching and her classes have since grown into a tribe of like-minded individuals.

Debbie attended her first retreat at Retreat in the Pines in January 2018 and is excited to host retreats and connect with others. Bring back the joy back in your life when you join Debbie for a Yoga Nurture Retreat July 12-14.

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Tara Kristof- Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Tara - Yoga Retreat InstructorA Dallas native, Tara is a long time student of yoga, practicing since 1999 and teaching since 2005. Tara was introduced to Yoga as a life-path and loves sharing her passion with others. She leads workshops, teacher trainings and retreats. Tara teaches alignment based Vinyasa with specialties in Restorative and Prenatal Yoga. She guides her students to find intelligence in their bodies, as well as inner awareness and connection to their true self. She is especially skilled at guiding students to a restful and healing Savasana.

Tara takes her practice off the mat and into her life. She is a happy wife, proud mother of a daughter and seeks to live an authentic and mindful life.

Tara hosted her first retreat at Retreat in the Pines in 2013 and is thrilled to be a part of our healing community. Connect with Tara at her upcoming retreat, October 11-13.

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Laura Beth Lopez - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Laura Beth was a high school teacher and a licensed counselor before she discovered her true passion, teaching yoga and now teaches yoga full time.  Practicing for five years and teaching for two, she noticed her life changed when she became more intentional and consistent in her practice. Students love Laura Beth’s informative but playful teaching style. She skillfully guides students through their practices in a safe and non-threatening manner.

Laura Beth is a dedicated single mom to a three year old daughter, who is already a blossoming yogini.

She also works as a translator and interpreter. Her favorite things are reading, wine, travel, moving her body and live music. Join Laura Beth for a lighthearted weekend. 

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Chris Mayhan - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Chris Mayhan Yoga Retreat HostChris stepped on her yoga mat in 2006 and fell in love with the mind and body connection, and discovered inspiration and peace. In hopes of sharing the magic of yoga with others, she became certified to teach. She is honored to help others grow in their yoga practice and she believes movement with breath is key.

Santosha (Contentment), is an important part of her life and practice. She teaches Yoga with a Sip!, which combines movement and breath with wine and chocolate. In addition to yoga, Chris enjoys dancing, running and music. Chris has two children and one amazing grandson.

Chris fell in love with the peaceful healing of Retreat in the Pines when she attended her first retreat in 2010. It was at that moment she discovered yoga as a key to self acceptance. Find exactly what you need when you join Chris at her next retreat July 19-21

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Tiffenny Montique - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Tiffenny Montique Yoga Instructor

Tiffenny began her life-long love affair with yoga in the late 90s as a way to calm her overactive mind. In 2009, she suffered a lumbar spine injury, faced with the possibility of spinal surgery she set out on a path to find methods of healing herself naturally.  Through a combination of Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, Yoga and Energy Healing, Tiffenny was able to regain her life back drug and surgery free. From this experience, she committed herself to sharing the practices of alternative healing arts with others and began teaching yoga and energy healing in 2012.

When she is not actively engaged with clients or developing her own yoga skills, Tiffenny spends time with her husband, their two dogs and with her two daughters.

Her passionate and free-spirited teaching style is influenced by her studies in Hatha, Yin and Ayuverdic yoga. Spend a weekend basking in good energy when you join Tiffenny for her September 6-8 Yoga Nurture Retreat.

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Lisa Reynolds - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Lisa stumbled into teaching yoga five years ago in college. She has studied under many different yoga schools, but discovered her best teacher, was and still is, her personal practice. Through her personal practice, Lisa discovered the healing power of yoga lies beyond the physical practice. She has found joy truly is in the journey, not the destination.

An educator at heart, Lisa has taught first grade for the past three years and has a passion for early childhood literacy. Outside of yoga, Lisa enjoys teaching dance and barre fitness. She travels to train instructors around the country. She also loves reading, she especially enjoys books on yoga philosophy, health and nutrition.

Through her teaching – fun and energizing flows with focus on the breath – Lisa’s mission is to help students get out of their heads and into their hearts. She believes when we treat ourselves with acceptance and compassion, we are able to do so with others. Join Lisa for a weekend of compassion and acceptance at the June 7-9 or August 2-4 Yoga Nurture Retreat.

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Lisa Rose-Michalski -Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Lisa Yoga Retreat InstructorLisa began her yoga journey in 1993 and began teaching in 1998. Lisa credits her teachers for their inspiration in developing her yoga style, which students describe as a “powerful and graceful flow.” Lisa enjoyed her first retreat in the Pines in 2010 and returned to lead retreats with her students.

Lisa, working in health and wellness since 1989,  holds a M.S. in Exercise Physiology and has developed programs for special populations. Lisa teaches at the Mansfield/Arlington YMCA and conducts workshops at Premier Yoga and Fitness. Lisa and her husband live in Mansfield with their two active and talented children.

Lisa encourages her students to connect with their breath to discover inner strength, truth, and peace. Find your inner truth when you join Lisa for a Yoga Nurture Retreat September 27-29, 2019.

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Debra Simon - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Debra Yoga Retreat InstructorDebra, teaching since 2007, came to yoga out of a need for balance in her life and fitness habits. She is certified through Blue Anjou’s Breathe into Awareness teacher training and Yoga Bridge Yoga for Cancer training. She is passionate about learning, and recently began an Ayurveda training.

Debra and her husband are recent empty nesters of two college boys and though she misses them, she is enjoying new found freedom to travel…and a lower grocery bill!

Debra teaches gentle, hatha, yin, Kundalini and believes meditation is the cornerstone of yoga. Debra led her first retreat in 2012 and is thrilled to be part of the Retreat in the Pines family of instructors. Join Debra August 16-18 for a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Retreat.

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Keitha Spears- Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Keitha, practicing many different styles of yoga off and on for about a decade, turned whole-heartedly to yoga in a desperate attempt to quickly heal her body after injuring herself training for a marathon. After an instructor ended a Candlelight Flow class with a meditation and a reading of “The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver, Keitha knew yoga was intended for more than just her body.With an intense curiosity as to what yoga could offer beyond the physical, Keitha began looking into teacher training programs. In 2015 she completed her teacher training.

For Keitha, yoga allowed for a much needed shift in living and an awareness that has truly been life changing. She works to bring thoughtful and intentional sequencing and a focus on
energy and breath to all of her classes. Join Keitha for an energetic shift at her June 28-30 Yoga Nurture Retreat.

Keitha draws energy from spending time in nature, loving on her two rescue dogs and adventuring around the world with her husband.

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Dorsey Standish- Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Dorsey Standish

Dorsey’s discovery of yoga and mindfulness in college allowed her to stay mentally and physically fit during those challenging times. Her mindfulness practice helped her succeed at a Fortune 500 tech company, overcome mental illness and connect more deeply with those around her. Her passion is to share science-based yoga and mindfulness with a broader audience.

When she’s not teaching mindfulness and yoga,  Dorsey loves cooking vegetarian meals and spending time with her kitten Zed.

Known for her gentle vinyasa flows, meditative deep stretch classes and heart-centered mindfulness offerings; she hopes to share self-compassionate yoga with you. Join Dorsey for From Mindfulness to Gratitude Retreat, October 18-20, 2019

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Jean Wilbert - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Jean found strength in Yoga when she was going through a divorce and became certified in 2007 with the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. She began teaching at Life Time Fitness and loved being able to share the power of Yoga with her students. In 2012, she left her 30-year long career as a hairdresser to focus full time on teaching. Her passion for the healing power of yoga led her to a certification as a Yoga Therapist. She also has certificates for Yoga for Cancer and Trauma Yoga.

Jean lives in Argyle Texas with her supportive, loving husband and their dog. She has three grown children and 2 granddaughters.

Surrender to the healing power of the crystal bowls and clear the toxic energy from your body through chakra opening, energy work, body mapping in addition to yoga, meditation and pranayama all at Jean’s Journey Within Retreat, June 21-23 or November 8-10. Spots are filling quickly.

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Jennifer Wu-Ho - Retreat Host/Yoga Instructor

Jennifer Wu-Ho

Jennifer started practicing yoga to add variety to her gym workouts and running.  Soon, yoga took hold and she found herself returning back to the mat more and more frequently.  With yoga, she found strength, stress relief and new depths within herself.  The practice allowed her to slow down, honor her body, and find peace within, especially during her pregnancy.

Outside of yoga, Jennifer works in corporate finance and enjoys excel spreadsheets.  She is a foodie and can be found eating her way through Dallas with her husband.  She is the proud mom of a baby girl, her newest boss!

She loves introducing newcomers to yoga and helping experienced yogis deepen their practice. Join Jennifer for the May 10-12, 2019 Yoga Nurture Retreat.

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Jan Hauk - Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist - Yoga Retreat

Jan has been providing guests of Retreat in the Pines with the ultimate in relaxation since 2011. Guests love Jan’s soothing touch and calm energy. After a massage with Jan, most guests agree “That was the best massage ever!”

Jan, a Registered Massage Therapist since 2005, loves the connection with guests, and enjoys visiting with guests at dinner after a day of massages. Jan loves the ocean and moved to Galveston in 2013. She is truly dedicated to our community; she makes the drive up for the retreats, most weekends.

Book a retreat here to enjoy the ultimate massage on our screened in back porch.